My journey started with a childhood obsession of memory collecting. I curated scrapbooks, kept countless journals, and stored my polaroid photos in albums on my nightstand. Telling stories has always been my thing. I'll never forget the first time I held my parent's brand new family Nikon in my hands. I had no idea back then just how much of a journey my future self would embark on or how many stories I'd have the honor of freezing in time. I'll never get over it!

I'm the nostalgic kind.
Lover of emotion, lover of DREAMY light, and i'm here to tell your story. 

welcome, love

Beyond the lens, as a wife and mama my days are filled with snuggles, a latte or three, and the occasional chaotic dance party in the living room (because why not, right?). An empath at heart, I believe in the power of connection, whether it's through a heartfelt conversation or a shared, teary-eyed moment, I keep things real! And don't even get me started on romantic movies – I'm a total sucker for a Nicholas Sparks-y love story! Letting me capture yours is literally icing on my cake. 

ENFJ, Amiable, Scorpio, Empath, Words of Affirmation. I totally geek out over personality quizzes and deep diving into why people are the way they are. If you know your enneagram, I'd love for you to tell me yours when we chat!

Enneagram 6

Whether it's the way I decorate my home (warm neutrals and chunky cream colored blankets), the candles I buy (vanilla with hints of bourbon), or quite literally taking a warm bath, I am very much into the way my 5 senses feel at all times (likely the enneagram 6 in me coming out there). I feel things to my core!

I'm all about
the warm fuzzies

Right after I graduated college my gal pals and I packed up, moved to Sevilla Spain, and taught ESL for a few months. We lived with host families, galavanted to Italy for fresh cappuccinos on the weekends, and did what people said we should "do" before we settle down one day. The souvenir I brought back was my love for European names. Ask me what I named my babes!

I lived in spain

Well, sort of. My brother was looking for a place to live and found a roommate via Craigslist. That roommate had another roommate... my now husband. 

i met my husband on craigslist

I remember being in second grade coming home with markers and writing a list of my classmate's names in the colors that they were. Mike was red, Lauren was gray, Cole was yellow. Ok, I know you're wondering... what?! My brain does this wild thing (synesthesia) where when I see words, I see them in very specific colors. Ask me what color your name is!

I have synesthesia with words & colors






Let's Get Personal

Random things to know about me

Fun facts

I'm ready, let's TALk!

 You know, the kind of moments that tug at your heartstrings and leave you craving an instant replay? Yep, those are my specialty! I'm here to sprinkle some photo magic on those cherished memories so you can hit the rewind button whenever you please and linger in those moments as long as your heart desires!

I'm all about capturing those oh-so-real and raw moments that make life sparkle like confetti.

My Philosophy